The Products shown below are no longer produced.  Today, Genesi Products are delivered as Solutions and are licensed for a geographic area or market segment. Solutions include design files, firmware and software.

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Efika MX Smartbook

Efika MX Smarttop

Open Desktop Workstation

Open Client

High Density Blade



Home Media Center

Products Overview & History

The products shown were developed and, in most cases, manufactured by Genesi. The Efika MX Smarttop and Smartbook were manufactured by Pegatron. The first versions of PegasosPPC were introduced in 2002 and 2003 through shows held in many cities, including Aachen, London, HelsinkiBordeaux, Sydney and in Las Vegas at CES. Our Developer and User Community was formed from this foundation.

The Open Desktop Workstation (ODW), built around the PegasosPPC, was the first product sold by Freescale through the DevToolDirect online store following the 2004 International FAE Conference and appeared at SNDFEuroSNDF and ECS that year. The Home Media Center, a derivative of the ODW won Best of Show at the inaugural Freescale Technology Forum in 2005.

Building off the strong relationship with Freescale, Genesi brought the Efika PPC (5200B) to market in 2006. Again sold by Freescale and Genesi online, the $99 Efika set a reference design and board support package standard that is largely followed to this day by semiconductor vendors. The Efika PPC was shipped to over 100 countries to encourage and support embedded product development.

The Efika PPC experienced success in many markets. IBM and Novell sold the Efika as a thin client. Primarily to Universities, National Instruments still sells the Efika in an OEM Bundle.

In 2009, a Freescale i.mx51 net-top was developed by Pegatron for ARM Inc. A year later, Pegatron and Genesi released a new version, the Efika MX Smarttop. Originally developed for a Top 5 Tier 1 PC vendor, the Efika MX Smartbook was released by Genesi itself later that year. The Smartbook has been featured by Freescale throughout the world at conferences and trade shows. The Smarttop and Smartbook share the same software and remain a popular platform for ARM Developers

While Genesi had licensed the Aura Firmware (archived) for the Power Architecture™ technology to Freescale, IBM and others as early as 2005, it was the Company's ARM experience that helped transition Genesi to providing Solutions. Our cumulitive experiences gave Genesi the know-how and intellectual property to create vertically integrated system solutions that are complimented by a worldwide community of Users and Developers, and licensed by Genesi to its customers today.